Agricultural specialist reveals new anti-theft protection for farming clients

Source: Insurance Times

Agricultural insurance specialist Lycetts has invested in a forensic coding system that helps clients identify and recover stolen farm equipment during the event of a theft.

Dubbed “Lycetts DNA+”, the system combines an adhesive solution with micro particles uniquely registered to each individual client. This provides clear and irrefutable proof of ownership, and may even help deter theft.

The firm is offering the security system for free to all customers who take out an agricultural motor policy with the broker.

“We understand the distress, inconvenience and financial impact that theft can cause for our clients and the importance of protecting valuable farm equipment like quads, tractors and power tools,” said Lycetts director William Barne.

The water-based Lycetts DNA liquid dries clear and is extremely difficult to remove once dry. Investigators can easily detect it through ultraviolet light.

The pack also includes warning signage for buildings and labels for machinery and other valuables.

“The greatest fear to a criminal is being caught. DNA forensic coding provides irrefutable evidence, which is why they prefer softer targets,” said Barne.

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