GMO Bacteria Will Replace Fertilizer – Scientists

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All with great rates the population of our planet increases, and vegetables and fruits are becoming more popular. Therefore, before the agricultural sector was a serious problem, how to increase the speed of plant growth without harming ambient environment.

Everyone knows that most of the fertilizers are chemicals, which though help plants that are grown on farms, but greatly harm the other flora and fauna. Because of this kind of fertilizer killed not only insects, but also quite useful, for example, bees. No, bees collect pollen, not only from flowers but also from different types of vegetables and fruits treated with fertilizers.

Scientists decided to help overcome the problem of harmful fertilizers. Experts have discovered specific bacteria that inhabit the roots of many plants, but mainly beans. A feature of these bacteria is that they are in fact symbiotic organisms that feed on sugar produced by plants and in exchange give them atmospheric nitrogen. The fertilizer destroys this relationship by killing bacteria, but at the same time accelerating the growth of plants.

Scientists want to conduct some experiments and modifications of these bacteria, they believe that this GMO bacteria in the future will replace fertilizer completely. A feature of the new view of bacteria is that they do not die, even if you use fertilizer.

There have been some experiments and observations that have shown that GMO bacteria reduce the need of corn in fertilizers in the quarter.

I hope that the GMO bacteria will go on massive sale, which will completely replace conventional fertilizer. After all, the problem of deterioration of okurayama environment is so important, so you need to solve the issue of harmful fertilisers, which only worsen the situation.

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