Nazir Foead: Ex-WWF leader pushing RSPO triggering policy crisis

ex-WWF official pushing foreign agenda undermining Jokowi?

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The head of the Peat swamp, what scientifically peat “land” actually is, Nazir Foead, the former head of the controversial World Wildlife Fund (WWF), now heading the Peat agency legitimized the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), a private certification scheme undermining the presidential directive, the site announced today (9/7).

The Indonesian Environment and Forestry Minister Siti Nurbaya expressed surprise given that the peat agency did not consult or coordinate with her or the ministry on this matter making Nazir Foead a rogue government official who is repeatedly playing in favor of foreign NGOs.

His closeness to the U.S. CLUA fund, the Ford Foundation and other foreign NGOs poses the question if the ex-WWF official should excuse himself from the burden of office since his endorsement of the RSPO is linked to his former employer.

The push by the ex-WWF official poses the question why does Nazir Foead push a standard which is not policy? The Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) is policy, the RSPO is not. It is a foreign certificate which pushes indiscriminate agendas of foreign interests.

“Why does the former activists from WWF attempt to undermine the presidential policy?”, an unnamed official from the Ministry of Forestry and Environment is asking. By entering an MOU with the controversial NGO the head of the peat swamp agency legitimize a foreign agenda.

This is the second time the foreign NGO attempted to influence the policy. Earlier last year reports emerged WWF attempted to “advise” the government on agrarian policy. After a firestorm by the government ministries the “MOU” was cancelled. This is now the second time a foreign NGO attempts to influence Indonesian policy.

It is time for Nazir Foead to resign?

Since his former employment with WWF and other foreign NGOs is becoming blur, questions if Nazir Foead is representing foreign interests or Indonesian policy and his tenure heading the peat swamp agency is sustainable for president Jokowi?

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