Tips To be Planters

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Having career in plantations would have its own challenges namely for the junior planters who are assigned in the remote areas within minimal facilities.

But the good news is that it is not difficult to be successful to work at the plantation and it is very simple if a young planter got the complete information in the early days of the work. Here are some simple tips to be successful working in plantation sector.

Understand the Culture of Working in the Plantation

At least, there are three main things from the culture in the plantation. The first is that it is unique which means, everything in the plantation is unique and could not be postponed. If someone postpones the work, it would influence the quality of the work result.

For example, when harvesting is postponed in one day, it would influence the quality of the fresh fruit bunch (FFB). If the fertilization is too, it would influence the FFB productivity and the quality of the trees. If the transportation is postponed, the palm oil factory would be lack of FFB stock and the quality of FFB would decrease (because the FFB could not be kept. It is not the same with the wood in pulp and paper factory), and so on.

The other unique is that if someone works in the plantation, he would have three things, such as, LIFE, WORK, and STAY in the plantation. He would always meet the same men in every single day for about 265 – 280 days in a year. It is not like in the city. The men in the office would be different from the men in the surrounding, and different from the men when working out, and others.

The second is the Local Specific which means that one plantation is different from the other. It has no same treatment both from the worker management, culture technic, and the people in the surrounding. Though the plantation is monoculture, the result would be different if it is planted in Sumatera and Kalimantan. The class of the area, topography, rain, and other factors are the considerations to make different treatment so that palm oil plantation has higher productivity.

The third is it has ‘kamba’ characteristic (process the big volume). It mens that the plantations is massive to be cultivated, have no fence, no specific door to come in or out. There are many workers to be managed in the same time, the FFB volume should be harvested in big numbers, and so on.

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