Farming during a government shutdown

January 8, 2019 ecodaily 0

  Valuable economic data from the federal government is not always released during government shutdowns, which can leave American farmers unsure on how to price and sell crops. It’s already been a volatile year for […]


Farmers take up bio-farming, earn premium

January 7, 2019 ecodaily 0

  With people in the city getting more health cautious every day, the demand of organic vegetable has gradually increased. Kanke Dam and Morhabadi ground has become a favourite destination for people to buy organic […]


Skyscraper farms are about to go global

December 23, 2018 ecodaily 0

  In a suburb of Kyoto in Japan, surrounded by technology companies and startups, Spread Co. is preparing to open the world’s largest automated leaf-vegetable factory. It’s the company’s second vertical farm and could mark […]