Air pollution linked to autism: study

November 6, 2018 ecodaily 0

  The study of children in Shanghai, from birth to three years, found that exposure to fine particles (PM2.5) from vehicle exhausts, industrial emissions and other sources of outdoor pollution increased the risk of developing […]


Silver nanoparticles harming marine life

September 20, 2018 ecodaily 0

  LONDON: Silver nanoparticles, increasingly used in personal care products and the pharmaceutical industry, is toxic for fishes and may be harming marine life, a study has found. Researchers from University of the Basque Country […]


Plastic waste could fuel cars of the future

September 4, 2018 ecodaily 0

  Discarded plastic could be used as fuel for cars following a scientific breakthrough. Scientists have been able to turn plastic into hydrogen which could then be used to power vehicles. The groundbreaking process has […]