Feeding wildlife is now illegal in Colorado Springs

Source: Idaho State Journal


City Council has unanimously passed a new ordinance prohibiting people from feeding wildlife within Colorado Springs city limits.

Feeding big game animals is already illegal in the state, creating a city ordinance allows code enforcement officers to now become part of the effort.

So what’s the reasoning behind the change?

As urban deer populations in the city continue to grow there are safety concerns. This growth not only brings in predators and increases the chances of animal/vehicle collisions, but it also increases the risk for the spread of disease.

The animals also become more comfortable around humans and could cause them to become more aggressive.

Leaving out hay, grain, minerals, salt or other foods for wild animals to eat is prohibited under the ordinance. The law, however, would not apply to bird feeders and landscape elements.

City Code Enforcement would first give homeowners warnings and then ticket them for additional violations.

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