Fluoride no link to taste of water

Source: TheJournal.ie

A LEADING Mackay public health physician has slammed any links to Mackay’s award for best tasting tap water to the removal of fluoride.

Mackay Base Hospital’s Dr Steven Donohue said while health professionals were happy Mackay had an excellent water treatment plant, the city could have a further claim to fame if fluoride was increased.

“Trace quantities of mineral fluoride are completely tasteless. Adjusting the natural level of fluoride to around 0.7 parts per million is absolutely safe and makes a dramatic improvement to dental health throughout life,” he said.

“We could have water that tastes good and protects our children’s teeth as well, as does Townsville and every capital city in Australia.”

Dr Donohue’s comments come in response to the Daily Mercury’s front page yesterday reporting on Mackay having the best water in the state.

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