Warning as more animals killed in New Forest hit ‘n’ runs

SIX animals have been killed in a spate of hit-and-run collisions in the New Forest in recent weeks.

Source: The Independent

As reported in the Daily Echo, a pregnant cow was badly injured near Bramshaw Golf Club and the Bell in on the B3079. The animal is believed to have been hit by a Ford Connect van.

The cow was put down.

Two days later, a pig was killed in Kewlake Lane, Bramshaw. In a similar incident, a driver sped off after fatally injuring a foal in North Lane, Beaulieu.

The incidents follow three other hit-and-run accidents this summer, two of which also occurred on the B3078.

Members of the New Forest Roads Campaign group said: “An in-calf cow was run into by a vehicle and left badly injured some time before 10pm on August 31.

“An agister attended and had to humanely destroy the cow due to the extent of its injuries. Needless to say the calf was lost too.

“Any information concerning hit-and-runs should be directed to the police on 101, or the Verderers’ office, as soon as possible.

“There’s a reward of up to £5,000 for information leading to the successful prosecution of any driver who fails to report an accident.”

The issue was raised at a recent Court of Verderers session by the official verderer, Lord Manners.

He said: “There’s a misconception among some drivers that if they report an accident with a forest animal they will face prosecution, a fine and points on their licence.

“We would like to stress that this is generally not the case.

“The only time a driver may find him or herself in trouble with the law is if there is evidence of careless or dangerous driving and that rarely happens.

“Conversely a driver who fails to report an accident and is subsequently identified will be very lucky not to end up in court on the grounds of failing to stop and report an accident and causing unnecessary suffering.

“The law states that drivers must report road traffic accidents with livestock to the police as soon as reasonably practicable possible.”

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