A Pygmy Hippopotamus is Born at Taman Safari Indonesia


A pygmy hippopotamus (Choeropsis liberiensis) has been born at an Animal Conservation Institute, Taman Safari Indonesia (TSI), in Cisarua, Bogor.

“ Actually, it has been quite some time since the pygmy hippopotamus has been born, but it is not until now that we have released this news to the media.” says the Director of TSI Cisarua in Bogor Monday, July 10.

The birth of the pygmy hippopotamus at Taman Safari Indonesia Cisarua is often considered as a remarkable event. TSI Cisarua public relation official Yulius H Suprihardo explained the species is considered as a very rare animal and need to be protected.

He said the population of Hippopotamuses is decreasing rapidly, especially in countries such as Liberia. It is believed that a scarce number of only 2,000 hippopotamuses are to be found in Liberia.

The species of pygmy hippopotamus also found in Sierra Leone, Guinea, and the Ivory Coast of West Africa.

The new baby hippopotamus is the progeny of Ujani, a 15-year-old male hippopotamus, and Vivi, a 10-year-old female hippopotamus.

Ardi, a zookeeper that frequently cares for the hippopotamuses at Taman Safari Indonesia Cisarua predicted that the weight of the newborn hippopotamus is to be around 2 kilograms. “Even though the newborn hippopotamus has already acquired the skill of diving under water, the baby hippopotamus often goes on land to be fed by its mother.

The newborn hippopotamus, possessing very charming and adorable behavioral patterns, is a new addition to the “Baby Zoo” at the Taman Safari Indonesia Cisarua, allowing visitors to observe the newborn hippopotamus.

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