Sinking ship threat to marine life in West Bengal’s Haldia

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Oil spill threat from MVSS, the cargo ship that caught fire in the Bay of Bengal has now raised dangers for hilsa breeding and marine conditions around Haldia area in East Midnapore district of West Bengal.

MVSS vessel, the fire-hit cargo ship, sailing from Krishnapattam to Calcutta reportedly developed a crack on the starboard. The salvage operation team tried to dock it in Haldia.

The cargo vessel caught fire on June 14, at midnight. Water ingression into the ship has led it to tilt on the right side. Presently sited at the Sundarbans, the heavy vessel is not likely to be towed, as reported by the salvage operation team.

Indian Coast Guard Inspector (Northeast region) Kuldeepp Singh Sheoran , after an inspection carried by an ICG aircraft Dornier, said that no major oil spill has been reported till Wednesday. Further additions from the salvage team stated that since it is being difficult to tow the vessel any further the cargo has to be unloaded to avoid oil spills.

A severe threat lies in this season as the warm backwaters of the delta are home to Hilsa. Earlier this week, fishing trawlers were sent back. The unloaded cargo is to be handed over to the salvage operation team at ICG Air Enclave, Kolkata for further transportation to Haldia.

“Oil spill reduction measures are being taken by Coast Guard operation teams, pilferages are less likely to occur since the oil tanks are being removed to prevent spillage or damages on a greater scale,” Sheoran added.
Four recovery ships have been sent from Mumbai for recovering the ship and check on the damage, however, these ships are yet to reach the sinking cargo.

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