3 Things To Consider Before Consuming Slimming Pills or Tea

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Women are willing to do anything to have a slim or skinny body. They often decided to drink various slimming drugs, from diet pills, herbal medicine, to tea.

According to a nutrition specialist, dr. Marya W. Haryono, SpGK from Bunda General Hospital, Central Jakarta, there are three things you should pay attention to before taking slimming drugs or slimming tea.

1. The indication must be clear.

2. The dose (treatment given within a certain time) is measurable.

3. Know the side effects including when to stop using drugs.

Furthermore, Marya admitted, many women still believed that by eating as usual, no need to bother in reducing the portion while taking slimming drugs, they are sure that the body will be thin by itself by the drugs.

Related to this kind of lifestyle, Marya explains, “It all depends on the use of drugs and the diet that is undertaken. The fact that will appear is that their bodies’ health status and their weight reduction in the normal range of 0.5 to 1 kilogram per week.”

Consuming slimming drugs should be balanced with a healthy diet. The definition of a healthy diet is to regulate (not merely reduce the portion) the food menu according to the needs of the body, added also by accepting medicine or slimming tea from a competent person.

“Begin the diet by choosing natural foods that contain  high-fiber, protein also, known as a source of unsaturated fats, and low in cholesterol,” said Marya.

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