Forestry summit told to plant more trees

September 5, 2018 ecodaily 0

  Tree planting must be made easier to encourage investment in Northumberland and offer new opportunities in the uplands after Brexit, a forestry summit has been told. The event was held to discuss the role […]


Trees May Have a “Heartbeat”

May 27, 2018 ecodaily 0

  It seems like every day we’re learning something new about how plants and people aren’t so different. We’ve already told you about how plants can hear when they are being eaten, and how grass screams every time […]


How to tell if a tree is dead or dying

May 21, 2018 ecodaily 0

  A dying tree in a forest is nature simply running its course and eventually giving back to its ecosystem. A dying tree in a well-landscaped yard, however, can pose problems for other trees and […]