Apple now runs on 100% renewable energy

April 18, 2018 ecofuorg26 0

  Apple has announced that all of its global facilities spanning 43 countries — from its retail outposts, offices, data centers and dazzling but problematic multibillion-dollar mothership in Cupertino, California — are now powered completely from renewable […]


Supermarkets tackle the waste problem

April 12, 2018 ecofuorg26 0

  Waste is undoubtedly a huge problem here in Britain, and with Theresa May recently pledging to eliminate plastic by 2042. Iceland is one supermarket that is already preparing to make the appropriate changes to […]


Borneo oil spill costs Indonesia’s poor

April 11, 2018 ecofuorg26 0

  “We believe this is the worst oil spill to catch fire since the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster,” said Fathur Roziqin Fen, Director of WALHI East Kalimantan. WALHI is Indonesia’s largest environmental organisation and is […]


Shipping faces demands to cut CO2

April 1, 2018 ecofuorg26 0

  A battle is under way to force the global shipping industry to play its part in tackling climate change. A meeting of the International Maritime Organisation in London next week will face demands for […]