Indonesian Forestry Industry in Crisis: The Looming Political Disaster for Jokowi

  The Indonesian forestry industry, much like the rest of the country, is slithering into crisis. Although commodities are somewhat recovering, the political future is uncertain. Some reports suggest the economy is “rotting from the inside out” and the opposition has [...]



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Brazil’s fundamental pesticide law under attack

by ecofuorg26 in Agriculture 0

  Pesticides are flourishing on fertile economic ground in Brazil, thanks to the large government subsidies and low taxes granted to the companies manufacturing them, the negligible costs for national registration of active chemical ingredients, and virtually [...]

The Women who Live Alongside Rhinos in India

July 9, 2017 0

  In parks where locals are allowed access to the forest, women cherish their encounters with rhinos. Where women are shut out, resentment brews. Kasema Khatun’s tiny, thatched-roof house lies just a few feet from […]