Environmentalists Propose to Restrict Entry to the Center of Moscow

Photo: Svabodda/Flickr


“Greenpeace of Russia” made a proposal to limit the entry in the center of Moscow, the cars, the class which is below the standard “Euro-4”. City officials have already received a package of proposals of environmentalists, writes “Kommersant”.

Also, “Greenpeace Russia” called for the training of economical driving in driving schools. Experts do not hurry to evaluate the research and ideas of environmentalists. According to them, these measures, including the restriction of entry to the center of Moscow, will require major government subsidies.

The study notes that if you do not change the transport policy in the capital, greenhouse gas emissions in 13 years will grow by about 6%. Baseline is taken in 2011. Environmentalists are ready to sound the alarm and to demand from the authorities of the adjustments to transport policy.

As recommendations experts suggest limiting the speed of traffic on the ring road, the creation of a separate structure that would deal with environmental control of the local vehicle fleet, stricter environmental regulations, etc.



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