Underlying motives fuel pesticide bills

February 25, 2018 ecoviorg85 0

  It’s that time of year again in the Legislature. In the session that’s just a couple of weeks old, 29 pesticide-related bills have been introduced, but many use stealth techniques to attack the cultivation […]


Sweet route to greater yields

February 8, 2018 ecofuorg26 0

  Three years ago, biotechnologists demonstrated in field trials that they could increase the productivity of maize by introducing a rice gene into the plant that regulated the accumulation of sucrose in kernels and led […]


E.U Grants Glyphosate License Renewal

November 29, 2017 ecot9p34yt 0

  After two years of dispute, the European Union has extended the license for glyphosate for five years. Representatives from a majority of the EU’s 28 nations approved the five-year license renewal of glyphosate, the […]