NGO funding must be monitored & audited

July 23, 2017 ec1h6xd3ik 0

  JAKARTA — Ricky AVENZORA, a forestry and environmental observer from Bogor Agricultural Institute/IPB reminds that the government must not permit elite mafia donor and environmental NGOs to become a threat against Indonesia’s national interests. […]


Hydropower threatens Mekong ecosystem

May 31, 2017 ec1h6xd3ik 0

  Scientists have once again warned against the 12 hydropower projects along the Mekong River that will cause non-recoverable damages to the river’s ecosystem as well as threaten food security of residents in the riparian […]


The Green war against Resolute (and other dissenters)

February 22, 2017 eco36ad 0

  A year ago Konrad Yakabuski, from the Globe and Mail, wrote an noteworthy article highlighting the disconnect between environmental groups and their industrial targets. Whereas Greenpeace views are an accumulation of threats, intimidations, naming […]