Plastic waste ‘building up’ in Arctic

February 12, 2018 ecofuorg26 0

  Plastic waste is building up in the supposedly pristine wilderness of the Norwegian Arctic, scientists say. Researchers are particularly concerned about huge concentrations of microplastic fragments in sea ice. They say they’ve found plastic […]

Marine Life

Microplastics endanger whales and sharks

February 6, 2018 ecofuorg26 0

  Microplastics represent a significant risk for large marine filter feeders like whales and sharks, a new study reveals. It’s another wake-up call around the massive problem of plastic pollution. Our demand for plastic has […]

Marine Life

Where Plastic Goes, Coral Disease Follows

February 3, 2018 ecofuorg26 0

  In the relatively pristine waters of the Great Barrier Reef marine disease ecologist Joleah Lamb spent years looking for the ways human activities—from pollution that warms the ocean to commercial fishing to scuba diving […]