Apple now runs on 100% renewable energy

April 18, 2018 ecofuorg26 0

  Apple has announced that all of its global facilities spanning 43 countries — from its retail outposts, offices, data centers and dazzling but problematic multibillion-dollar mothership in Cupertino, California — are now powered completely from renewable […]


Supermarkets tackle the waste problem

April 12, 2018 ecofuorg26 0

  Waste is undoubtedly a huge problem here in Britain, and with Theresa May recently pledging to eliminate plastic by 2042. Iceland is one supermarket that is already preparing to make the appropriate changes to […]


Carbon dioxide could make useable fuel

January 13, 2018 ecofuorg26 0

  With water, light and waste metal, you can turn greenhouse gases into rock. With light, you can turn water into hydrogen, a useable fuel. Scientists in Britain have tested a way to turn the greenhouse […]